Lol, my buddies were obsessed with that game

Lol, my buddies were obsessed with that game

26.03.2020 03:27

Lol, my buddies were obsessed with that game

Lol, my buddies were obsessed with that game just we had personalities corrupted multiple times (cause you needed to do that weird memory card transport thing) and we'd just start over each time. Despite that we had maxed out characters. And it was something like Hard or Very Hard would open up more areas (like Caves 3 did not exist in lower difficulties) and Ultimate would change all of the enemy versions. It was a super progression system at the moment. Especially given my previous experience was Diablo 2, that didn't change up anything based on difficulty.

Stage span did not impact. The phases had semi-randomized designs (not generated randomly, but chosen from a pool of possible map variants each playthrough). Ultimate Difficulty was the difficulty with modifications. Enemies gained distinct appearances and behaviors (motion and attack rate changes, new/different abilities, etc). Other than that, Normal + Difficult + Very Hard were identical but with loot tables and harder opponents. Ultimate slightly altered the levels aesthetically, but nothing significant. Instance I recall is that Forest Ultimate was always at sunset.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is. I'm shocked. Not only that it required Sega eight years to eventually bring it outside of Japan and SEA despite the relative success of PSO and PSU from the Western economy, but that Microsoft of publishers paid from the butt to get a timed exclusive launch of an eight year-old Japan exclusive for the Xbox One - a console which flopped so hard that the PS4 has outsold it by over 2 to 1. I will admit, a great deal of folks have been waiting for Phantasy Star Online 2 so I can kinda see why Microsoft are trying to get some points. The SEA version lasted a mere four years in contrast, badly preserved by Playpark and also was lacking years worth of content upgrades, was badly translated. However, this ship sailed years back. Anybody who badly wanted to play Phantasy Star Online 2 downloaded a buff patch, could have enrolled on the site of the Western version and established themselves on the JP servers.

Look around in the subs. People crashed the servers and went mad. Turns out that making a JP Sega accounts, going through the kana captcha, and installing an (incomplete) translation mod is a bit of a barrier to entry for the majority of players... Plus there are lots of console-only players out there as well that are likely interested. As for Microsoft being the ones to do it Sega fans still find the Xbox as the successor of the Dreamcast. Sega gave several exclusives such as Panzer Dragoon Orta, JSRF, Gunvalkyrie, and so on to the OG Xbox, and they just stuck with Xbox. It is silly, but there.The longer they wait to put this on PC the greater the likelyhood it will fail there. With New World and Graymoor on the horizon shortly this nearly 10 year old postponed game wont stand a chance the longer they hold off.It's F2P, and both of these games don't fill the identical niche as PSO2 so they aren't direct competitors. What makes you believe people will not just play with three? All 3 is a whole lot to ask of a person. People who'd have tried this will be inclined to check at it once they are distracted by a brand new eso expansion or new world once it hits. PSO2 is outdated. And its really going to jive already with individuals who have nostalgia for first PSO. Folks have waited waaaaay long. Additionally, the xbox comes out this season nobody is purchasing xbone right. It is only a further delay that is pointless.

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