Animal Crossing New Horizons:Gather RESOURCES

Animal Crossing New Horizons:Gather RESOURCES

25.06.2020 10:27

Animal Crossing New Horizons:Gather RESOURCES

Stroll around your town and discover four rocks. Pull out your hatchet and smack every one of the stones. You can hit each shake on numerous occasions (up to eight in case you're extremely speedy about it) and each will let out assets like Stones, Clay, and Iron Nuggets. One of the four beginning rocks will likewise let out Bells.

When you've hit all the stones and gathered the assets, you'll need to collect Wood. Utilize that equivalent hatchet to hit each tree on your island multiple times and get the Softwood, Hardwood, and Wood they drop. On the off chance that your hatchet breaks during this procedure, make another one utilizing the Wooden Sticks you get from shaking trees.

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