EFT Money extraction point

EFT Money extraction point

16.09.2020 04:42

EFT MoneyEFT MoneyEFT MoneyEFT MoneyEFT MoneyEFT MoneyEFT Money

Quit, or extraction point in place where you can leave with all your loot. Many customs of the extraction point line appearance, always require you to travel on the entire map before you leave. In other words, if you spawn on the west side of the map, you will be in the eastern part of the EFT Money extraction point, and vice versa.

Only certain extraction point in the raid are activated, they randomly spawning each rotation: Double-click the "O" to check which is the access point. Point marked "?" You need a bond or pay some rubles extracted perform other operations such as found before.

Do you have enough time to reach the destination, so do not rush straight extraction point. Invest some time to learn a few jumps into the game, map points before interest, such as considering some convenient route spinning booty. Trailer parks and intersections are conventional extraction point, if you spawn in the eastern part of the map, while the far corner of the factory gates and Admin your destination, if you created in the West. These points do not require additional action to help you extract, but you'll find them busyLOLGA results.

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