I gave up in nba 2k21 mt as soon as my player

I gave up in nba 2k21 mt as soon as my player

13.10.2020 06:12

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I gave up in nba 2k21 mt as soon as my player got into the nba because for every match I had been playing 30 seconds (because you begin as a 60 overall) then having to sit through 5 minutes of loading screens to get to the next match. I'd sit down for an hour of 2K and only actually play with 5 minutes of basketball.Honestly this face scan item needs become a meme at this time, only generates trash year after year. All this energy and a random face generator will likely do better. I mean that it really sorta looks like him from a side-angle, it's only the hair and skin color that are so blatantly off... it's gotta better with each iteration but it's still not where it ought to be. Probably rules. Unskippable cutscenes, can not sim matches and gain stats, stats are bound to a type of player, it all really disturbs me and I bet you get all the exact same fun things that I actually do like. The myplayer is the best career style of any sport. No bullshit in it, begin off shit and may just improve via matches. The franchise mode is class as well, loads of features not in the newer games. My cousins are large sports game fans (they are the type of men who perform 2K and Fortnite but nothing else) and that he always explained to me that he didn't purchase annually because of mechanics or anything else, he just needed new rosters. In recent years they have actually tried adding new stuff like the higher quality narrative modes and so forth, so in the event that you skip every other year you are probably more enthusiastic about releases. You can get updated rosters and download them. In 2k20 I have access to rosters for several upcoming years because others will not want to buy the game either So it's more that the stats and names are there but not any of these unique qualities to a roster such as the in-game version and voiceover... I will get why somebody might prefer to buy the next iteration should they want the"total immersion" maybe. The major complaint I have is not having the ability to get as close to a true 99 overall in the Career mode anymore.

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