Cavaliers just returned to win the feeling

Cavaliers just returned to win the feeling

12.11.2017 04:34

Cavaliers just returned to win the feeling, LeBron continued outstanding play, Loew and Smith offensive performance is impressive, they give LeBron adequate support. For the Cavaliers, they need to be able to continue the current good condition and strive to get two straight Reid Gardiner Jersey, they need a straight win to help the team gain confidence.

The second quarter, 24 after the Warriors outside the open fire again, Thompson and Kasby were hit third, the Warriors pulled the score lead. Dorika responded with one-third, he led the team to play the counterattack wave 9-2, the Timberwolves 35-34 overtake 1 point. Green led the team counterattack 6 points lead again, Butler jumper, Teague one-third, half minutes before 2 minutes and 55 seconds when the Timberwolves chase 42 flat Tristan Jarry Jersey. 44 Ping Thompson CIC scored, Curry kept attacking Glenealy 5 points, the Warriors leading 51-46. Gibson and Downs joined the 4-point end of the second quarter Zach Trotman Jersey, the Timberwolves 50-51 1 point behind the half to enter the rest.

But it does not matter, after Section 2,3 match, Thompson's state began to come Jean-Sebastien Dea Jersey, when the Timberwolves found a little touch on the outside, soared in a one-third, come back Thompson immediately a 3-point! Then, Thompson shot his own, long-range 2-point shot is also, and he also shouted back in defense teammates attention, looks less past the "paralysis" feeling.

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