Rockets recent defensive is not bad

Rockets recent defensive is not bad

12.11.2017 04:35

Rockets recent defensive is not bad at the front line they have Ariza, Barmott, Tucker and many other players, they will take turns to pressure LeBron, strive to create more trouble for the Cavaliers headed star Conor Sheary Jersey. Capella to play more aggressive inside, he and Nene need to impact the opponent inside.

Durant missed the left thigh bruise, Andre Iguodala filled his starting gap. After the start of the two teams fierce competition, 10 draws, 12 after the Gibson, Wiggins and Teague each get two points, the Timberwolves in the first section there are 2 minutes and 35 seconds to 18-14 lead. Curry penalty in the two goals, Wiggins and Teague together 4 points, the Warriors open fire outside, Yang and Curry were voted in the third Ian Cole Jersey, the end of the first quarter when the two teams battle into a 22 level.

Durant truce today because of thigh injury, which is the test of Thompson's ability. Of course, although the Timberwolves across the start of the season performance amazing Frederik Tiffels Jersey, warriors dare Durant truce is fully demonstrated their confidence. After the opening, the water brother immediately to a cooperation, Curry points, Thompson easily cast in the outside 3 points. The scene immediately into the rhythm of the Warriors. However, after the attack on Thompson a little "iron" Scott Wilson Jersey, no war 3 cast vote.

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