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    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "An epidemic similar to coronavirus has occurred in World of Warcraft" geschrieben. 03.04.2020

      When it comes to a world pandemic, humans are the ultimate wild card. That makes it challenging build accurate mathematical models to predict how a progress from the disease can play out. We've certainly seen a lot of all-too-human responses to coronavirus over the past two weeks, with many people panicking and hoarding food, tissue papper, and hand sanitizer. Others cling to denial, yet still others are defying Classic WOW Gold needs "social distancing" by continuing to visit restaurants, bars, concerts, and the like. Our epidemiological models undoubtedly are a bit able to better account for that unpredictability thanks to some extent to a virtual outbreak in World of Warcraft nearly 20 years ago, referred to as "Corrupted Blood incident."

      The Corrupted Blood outbreak wasn't intentional. In 2005, Blizzard Entertainment added a fresh dungeon called Zul'Gurub into World of Warcraft for highly advanced players, controlled by an "end boss" named Hakkar. Hakkar became a blood god referred to as the Soulflayer, who had, among his arsenal of weapons, a "debuff" spell called "Corrupted Blood." Infected players would suffer damage at regular repeating intervals, draining away their "hit points" until their avatars exploded within a cloud of blood. The only cure were to kill Hakkar.

      Blizzard thought this may ensure the infection wouldn't spread beyond that space. They were wrong. Rather than standing their ground, many infected players panicked, teleporting out from the dungeon before dying or killing Hakkar, and using disease with him or her. And lower ranking players, with fewer hit points, would "die" rapidly upon exposure. When you encounter difficulties in World of Warcraft, WoW Classic Gold can help you a lot, because you can use WoW Classic Gold to buy a lot of items in the game. If you want to get a lot of WoW Classic Gold in a short period of time, I recommend you a trusted website - MMOWTS, where you can buy Buy WOW Classic Gold.

      The biggest take into account the rapid spread on the disease would be a glitch from the programming, so that non-playable animal companions also became infected. They didn't show symptoms, nonetheless they were carriers and appeared spreading the condition even faster. As Corrupted Blood infections spread uncontrollably, game spaces became plagued by virtual "corpses," and players did start to panic. Efforts at quarantine proved unsuccessful in stopping the outbreak. In the end, no less than three servers were affected, and Blizzard were required to reboot your entire game to take care of the problem.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "Path of Exile: Legion - some unique new items" geschrieben. 02.04.2020

      Incubation Items
      The generous rewards always encourage players to continuously challenge more difficult monsters and bosses. If everything the player does does not bring any rewards, the game player will quickly lose. The development team of POE obviously took this into consideration. They not only added more new features and new mechanisms to the new expansion, but also introduced a large number of unique new POE Orbs, including legendary items. As long as you kill monsters in the new challenge league, you have a chance to get them.

      Incubation Items is a very creative addition. When you obtain the item and apply it to your equipment, its status will be modified. For instance, the Blacksmith Incubator item drops a random unique weapon. If you apply it to, say, one of your scepters, it starts tracking the number of monsters you've killed. At 2,000 kills, a random unique weapon will drop for you .

      You can add an Incubation Item to each piece of equipment, and then go to the wild to kill any monsters you meet to complete the incubation requirements. Random rewards include weapons, armor, divination cards, high-end currency. Yes, there ’s also a super-rare chance to get the Mirror of Kalandra if you ’ve got the high-end currency incubation active. Path of Exile: Delirium is now live. If you want to i believe start and not waste time, you can purchase some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your demand for these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will probably find the NO.1 result's MMOAH official site, visit and acquire everything you need in Path of Exile.

      New Uniques And Jewels
      Path of Exile: Legion may also add 12 new unique items. Grinding Gear Games in addition have tweaked 15 older uniques, updating all of them brand new properties. A couple of examples are:

      Aukuna’s Will – A new unique glove that permits you to raise zombies without making use of corpses, however, these summoned zombies also count as corpses themselves. Some tricky playstyles include summoning a horde of zombies beyond thin air and after that casting Raise Spectre to convert them into ghostly figures.

      Voll’s Protector – An older unique item and that is one of those that received some tweaks. Its new perk, Inner Conviction, allows you to gain power charges as opposed to Buy POE Items frenzy charges, and power charges can have a stronger spell damage boost. Note that existing uniques you have, in the event you’re playing on standard, do not possess this change retroactively applied unless they dropped while playing Legion.

      The expansion may also add unique jewels from each civilization. These are impossible to get and quite rare, but they also offer amazing changes for your passives tree. For instance, the Vaal jewel may change surrounding passives to corrupted versions. If the previous passive was Fervor (+1 maximum frenzy charge), it can alter to Flesh Worship (+maximum life, +life leech).

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "How to get better loot in Path of Exile by trading" geschrieben. 30.03.2020

      The trading system is one of the core systems of Path of Exile and one of the main ways to make your character stronger and richer. In the game, players often get various loot after defeating the boss, including even unique legendary items. Because there are different classes in the game, you will find that not all loot are suitable for your character. When your warehouse is not enough to accommodate these extra loot, will you choose to destroy them? The trading system can solve the problems you encounter.

      If you are a player who joined the game after the release of the Delirium expansion by POE, you will definitely be confused about the complex economic system of the game. You can trade almost any loot obtained through battle in the game. Some rare items may be more valuable than yours. Imagine. Unlike the Diablo series, in POE, the monsters you kill will not provide you with any gold coins, and you cannot use gold coins to buy any items from NPC vendors, because transactions in POE are carried out through POE Currency of. The types of POE Currency are very complicated, and you need to spend some time to understand the value of each Currency. Don't worry, keep reading this guide and you will learn the basics about POE Currency.

      Method of trading in POE
      As an ARPG, the trading process of Path of Exile is different from many games you are familiar with. The game does not provide some convenient features to support transactions between players, so you cannot sell items through the auction house. If you want to exchange your existing items for POE Currency or other equipment you need, you need to explain your needs to other players on the chat channel and wait for players who are interested in trading to find you.
      When you agree with the counterparty's needs on the transaction, you can reach the agreed place and trade manually. The trading interface in the game is very standard. You can drag the items in the backpack into the trading window. Many beginners are cheated because they do not understand the trading mechanism, so you'd better check every detail of the transaction process. Path of Exile: Delirium new season is now live. If you want to get a good start and save your time, you should buy some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your need of these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will find the NO.1 result is MMOAH official site, visit and buy everything you need in Path of Exile.

      What are the most valuable items in Path of Exile?
      There is no standard answer to this question, some old players can now provide you with a list of which items can be sold to other players and which items need to be sold to NPC vendors. However, these contents are limited to the current version of the game, and may become meaningless after new extensions or patches are released.
      But players still have an easy way to determine whether the equipment you get is valuable, and that is to Buy POE Currency observe the number of slots and modifiers of the equipment. In POE, there is a maximum of one slot for each piece of equipment. If your armor has 6 slots and all are linked together, this is one of the best armors because this armor can make full use of supporting gems to strengthen you Active skills. In addition, according to the quality, the equipment in the game is divided into 4 different colors. The best of them are legendary items, because this equipment can provide a lot of extra attributes for your character. Of course, your chance of obtaining legendary items is very low. The main popular gear in the game is golden rare gear. You can use various POE currencies to transform rare gear into the gear that suits you best.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "Grinding Gear announces 4 coming new extensions for POE in 2020" geschrieben. 27.03.2020

      At the ExileCon conference late last year, the developers of Path of Exile announced a lot of exciting news for players. For example, it is determined that the sequel of Path of Exile will be developed and named POE 2. Not only that, while the studio formed the Path of Exile 2 development team, it will continue to provide new content for POE's basic games, including stable update patches and extensions, as in the past.

      At the conference, the studio confirmed a message that players will not be able to get the official version of POE 2 in 2020, but if all goes well, a public beta version may be available to Buy POE Items players by the end of 2020. However, with the sudden global spread of the new coronavirus, operations in different countries and regions have been affected, including the Asian development team that was originally responsible for developing POE 2. This means that the beta version of POE 2 is likely to be released in 2021, but the first POE extension in 2020: Delirium will be released on time as much as possible, with a time difference of at most a week or two. Path of Exile: Delirium new season is now live. If you want to get a good start and save your time, you should buy some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your need of these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will find the NO.1 result is MMOAH official site, visit and buy everything you need in Path of Exile.

      In the end, PC players received new expansion on March 13, and PS4 and Xbox One platforms ushered in the Delirium expansion of POE 5 days later. At the same time, the development of patch 4.0.0 is still in progress, which is called Path of Exile 2. In the demonstration of ExileCon Act One, the staff showed the expected effect of POE 2. In order to bring more exciting news of POE 2 to the next game release, the studio decided to further study the new system and mechanism. To show more content not shown in the last ExileCon. We expect to get more details on POE 2 at the E3 conference in mid-2020.

      The public beta plan remains unchanged and is scheduled for release later this year. As the sequel work continues, they say that the date of the test "depends heavily on whether they can expand the POE Orbs team" to complete the core mechanics, systems and actions.

      The increase in headcount will also affect Grind Gears' console team as they plan to strengthen this year. Developers say that as the team grows, new features will be developed and deployed to the console platform faster. At the same time, they also hope that POE 2 can be launched simultaneously with PS5 and Xbox X, so that players can have a better gaming experience.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "POE Delirium Skill Gems: Some gems is better than others" geschrieben. 25.03.2020

      Many users in the community said that with the release of the new expansion of Path of Exile Delirium, many new players have joined the game. As long as the game continues to run smoothly, it will always attract more new users. As a free ARPG, Path of Exile has become one of the most fun PC games with its excellent game quality and rich and interesting game mechanics. It has nearly 240,000 parallel players on the day after the new expansion was released.

      The core of POE is character customization. Each player can create unique builds according to their own needs. This mainly depends on the combination of hundreds of active skill gems in the game, support gems, and complex passive skill trees. However, for new players, too many choices mean POE Orbs confusion, and it is difficult for them to find the one that suits them best among many skills. If you are also a new player, don't worry, this guide lists some of the best skills for you. The best way to master POE skills is to learn in stages. After you have a better understanding of the skills in the game, you can continue to study the relevant knowledge of POE armor.

      Herald of Ash
      This skill won't deal any damage in-of itself, acting more like a buff on your own than a main ability. Don't let that fool yourself how powerful this skill is, however.
      Herald of Ash grants you 15% of the physical damage as extra fire damage, granting a tremendous amount of bonus damage for many attack-based builds. It also scales fire damage from spells if you happen to aren't using melee. The best part of Herald of Ash is its on-kill effect. When an enemy dies even though this is active, they explode, dealing overkill injury to everyone in the radius. If your build does many damage but has lackluster clearing potential, this herald can single-handedly fix that.

      Blade Vortex
      While the name would signify this is an attack skill, Blade Vortex is really a spell that summons ethereal blades that swarm the caster.
      These blades can stack along with each other to manage additional damage, attack faster, and also provide additional critical chance. Since Blade Vortex is usually a spell, support gems like Cast of Critical Strike enables Blade Vortex to activate from another close-ranged attack skill like Cyclone. When along with Ascendencies just like the Shadow's Assassin subclass, Blade Vortex can be a powerful ability for virtually any build.

      Path of Exile: Delirium new season is now live. If you want to Buy POE Items get a good start and save your time, you should buy some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your need of these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will find the NO.1 result is MMOAH official site, visit and buy everything you need in Path of Exile.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "POE Delirium expansion: Break through the mist and defeat the nightmare" geschrieben. 24.03.2020

      In the first quarter of 2020, POE players welcomed a new year's gift, which is the new extension released by the developer Grinding Gear Games for the classic ARPG Path of Exile: Delirium. The development team introduced a lot of new content about character customization in this expansion, and even impacted the most well-known complex passive skill tree of POE, such as new skill gems and Corrupted jewels.

      To get these useful and precious rewards, you need to join the new Delirium Challenge League. And look for the Mirror of Delirium randomly scattered on the map. These mirror-like twisted spaces can turn the deepest fear in your character into reality. In the fog of fear, you need to become stronger to Buy POE Items defeat the monster. This is exciting news for players looking for greater challenges. In the previous ExileCon, the developer did not introduce the expanded story content in detail, because they hope that players can actively complete the exploration and succeed. If you want to know about Delirium in advance, you can continue reading this guide. Path of Exile: Delirium new season is now live. If you want to get a good start and save your time, you should buy some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your need of these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will find the NO.1 result is MMOAH official site, visit and buy everything you need in Path of Exile.

      Path oF Exile Delirium: 3.10 Patch Notes:
      Delirium Challenge League- Jump into the Mirror of Delirium and experience a whole new set of challenges. There, you'll experience monsters new and old with the fights becoming more difficult as you progress through the dungeon. Cluster Jewels, which are exclusive to Delirium, may drop from enemies and can grant new passive abilities when socketed. You may also find Delirium Orbs, which coat the map in a mist, and Delirium Splinters which grant access to the Simulacrum.
      New Gems- Seven new gems have been added to the rotation and can give you new powers. There's Kinetic Bolt, which fires a wand attack and Blade Blast, which detonates a blade at your location., Try to find these gems to add to your wizardry arsenal and become strong as you can be.
      New Unique Items- 16 Unique Items have been added like the Perfidy Glorious Plate and the Augor Mortis Carnal Mitts. These pieces of armor can grant unique build opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be possible before the expansion. With the new gems, you can create entirely new ways to play that have never been seen in the dungeon crawler.
      UI Changes- Elemental effects like shocking or burning on the ground now look better. There are also more spectred monsters as well as backend changes that should make the game run smoother on PC.

      POE can be successful worldwide, thanks to the stable update and POE Orbs expansion of the game by the development team. POE players are used to accepting new content and making themselves stronger. The Delirium Challenge League is a very good opportunity for them, they can get better loot while challenging more difficult enemies. In general, the extension seems to be more suitable for old players with rich game experience, but there are still many beginners attracted by the new extension and joining the game.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "Coronavirus prevents players from getting POE 2 by the end of the year" geschrieben. 23.03.2020

      If you are a loyal Path of Exile fan, the most exciting news in this period should be related to POE 2. At the last ExileCon, the developer Grinding Gear Games announced plans related to POE 2, and it is expected to provide beta beta versions for players by the end of 2020. Not only that, the game also plans to provide corresponding versions with the launch of PS 5 and Xbox X.

      If you are still looking forward to getting the beta version of POE 2 at the end of this year, then you better change your mind and be prepared to find other alternative games, because you will most likely not get POE 2 as expected. Due to the global outbreak of coronavirus, development of POE 2 was greatly affected and POE Orbs had to be postponed. Grinding Gear Games originally said that it would add a new seven-act story to the sequel to POE, but now the development team needs to focus more on developing the latest extension of POE: Delirium.

      "Our initial estimate ended up being to start some early beta testing in late 2020," Grinding Gear Games’ co-founder Chris Wilson told MMOAH. "But we’re likely to revise that estimate as we approach it to be sure that things are ready enough for community feedback. Rushing against eachother won’t benefit anyone, the world thinks!"

      The studio revealed the 1st game's next free expansion, Delirium, recently, this is the main reason for your expected delay. Outsourcing partners in China happen to be delayed with the coronavirus outbreak, causing a knock-on effect for Grinding Gear. To make sure Delirium wasn't affected, the studio made some changes for the Path of Exile 2 schedule so that it could put more and more people on Delirium.

      It's another case on the coronavirus outbreak intersecting with gaming. Wilson explained the Chinese artists were advised to not return towards the office after Chinese New Year, citing concerns regarding the virus.

      The bulk on the 80,000 cases with the cornavirus come in China and it has so far claimed around 3,000 lives. This has lead for the cancellation of any slew of events, like the Taipei Game Show, Overwatch League matches and also the Chinese League of Legends pro series. Outside of Asia, PUBG Corp has postpone an event in Germany, while publishers and developers are extracting of PAX East and GDC.

      Path of Exile 2 still has no a release date, with Wilson saying the studio will "release it when it is ready." Path of Exile: Delirium new season is now live. If you want to Buy POE Items get a good start and save your time, you should buy some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your need of these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will find the NO.1 result is MMOAH official site, visit and buy everything you need in Path of Exile.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "Preview for Path of Exile: Delirium expansion" geschrieben. 21.03.2020

      MMOAH testers have experienced and researched the latest expansion of Path of Exile. In this article, you will learn how Delirium expansion creates fear through brand new game mechanics.

      Path of Exile was first released in 2013, and in just a few years, the game has attracted a large number of loyal users worldwide. As a free-to-play ARPG, POE even surpassed Blizzard's well-known Diablo series in the hearts of some players. POE can Buy POE Currency be so popular today in the rapid development of the game industry, mainly due to the efforts of the development team. Developers always provide stable updates and extensions for the game, so players can always find interesting new content in the game that suits them.

      2019 is a significant year for the publisher of the POE Grinding Gear Games. While the studio continued to run the Path of Exile base game steadily, it also released the news of Path of Exile 2 on ExileCon, which made people worry about whether the development team had enough energy to handle these tasks. But Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, said that the plan is well thought out. They have outsourced most of the non-core content development work to other development teams, so that some members of the team can carry out POE2 development work. Path of Exile: Delirium new season is now live. If you want to get a good start and save your time, you should buy some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your need of these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will find the NO.1 result is MMOAH official site, visit and buy POE Currency you need in Path of Exile.

      At this special moment, players ushered in the first expansion of POE in 2020: Delirium. Prior to this, MMOAH was always able to easily get information about new developments, because publishers always briefed new content at press conferences. The story of Delirium is not widely circulated this time, because Grinding Gear Games is silent on related content. They seem to want players to actively experience related content in the game and get extra surprises.

      What exactly is Delirium? In the new Delirium Challenge League, players will randomly encounter a strange new object during the wild adventure. It is like a mirror, called the Mirror of Delirium. You can interact with the mirror to break it and release a mist. Fog is a manifestation of your fear. Monsters shrouded in fog will be enhanced and take the initiative to attack your character. Not only that, you will also see new monsters in the fog, which will bring you more difficult challenges. The whole process will take about one minute, during which you will get better loot after defeating these monsters. So if you want to challenge more difficult tasks and desire better returns, then you better not miss every corner of the wild.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "It may take longer for us to experience the beta version of POE 2" geschrieben. 20.03.2020

      At previous ExileCon, the developer Grinding Gear Games had stated that it would provide players with a beta version of Path of Exile 2 by the end of 2020 at the latest. But with various unexpected conditions early this year, the development progress of the game has also been severely delayed, which means that you cannot try POE 2 at the expected time.

      Recently, well-known game media interviewed Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games. During the interview, Wilson stated that they originally expected to start POE Orbs testing the Path of Exile 2 by the end of 2020 and will provide trial versions for many loyal fans of POE. However, this test plan needs to be modified recently, because it is not a good thing to compress the development cycle of the game in this particular period, both for the development team and the game itself.

      According to Wilson, the main reason for the delay in testing of POE 2 was the outbreak and continued epidemic of the new coronavirus. Prior to this, Grinding Gear Games usually outsourced the non-core parts of the extension or patch to agents in Asia, so that the development team could save more time for the design and development of core content. However, the coronavirus caused a huge disaster in Asia, affecting the normal operation of these areas. So in order for the Path of Exile: Delirium extension to be released in a timely manner, the studio had to pull those developers who had originally joined the POE 2 project into the Delirium team.

      “We outsource around 30 full-time developers’ valuation on art creation to be able to outsourcing agencies in China (since it lets us dynamically expand and contract our art flow as our needs wax and wane),” Wilson explains. “After Chinese New Year, the artists were advised not to get back to the office for safety reasons about the Novel Coronavirus. Path of Exile: Delirium new season is now live. If you want to get a good start and save your time, you should buy some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your need of these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will find the NO.1 result is MMOAH official site, visit and buy everything you need in Path of Exile.

      “This caused a few weeks of delay, and although we shuffled stuff around in order that it didn’t affect our current Delirium expansion, they have shunted our Path of Exile 2 schedule a little. As it’s a long-term project having a ‘release it when it’s ready’ policy, this isn’t a large concern for people yet, but we are going to need to watch the schedule.”

      You’ll have sufficient Path of Exile to maintain you pointed in the meantime. The PoE 3.10 release date is placed for next week, as well as the studio will hold its regular cadence of merely one expansion every 3 months.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "Players on the PS4 platform can now also enjoy POE: Delirium!" geschrieben. 19.03.2020

      Recently, game designer Nick of Grinding Gear Games posted an article on the social platform detailing the content of the POE: Delirium extension released on the PS4 platform on March 18. This is the first expansion of POE in 2020, bringing players new challenge leagues and many interesting content.

      When players participate in the Delirium Challenge League in the new version, they will randomly trigger new game mechanics in the wild. During the adventure, players have the opportunity to encounter shimmering illusions, and players can interact with these illusions, thus releasing a mist flowing around. All POE Items monsters exposed to these mists will make terrible changes, and some new enemies will be generated. Of course, these monsters will give you better loot after being strengthened. Path of Exile: Delirium new season is now live. If you want to get a good start and save your time, you should buy some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your need of these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will find the NO.1 result is MMOAH official site, visit and buy everything you need in Path of Exile.

      Prior to this, developers had set some enemies in the game that would become crazy, such as Niko the Mad. The main role of these monsters is to enhance the immersion of the game, allowing players to have a more detailed perception of the game world. In the Delirium expansion, for the first time, game designers try to make all monsters in a large area crazy, and let this change be controlled by players. They hope that this change will make the new Challenge League unique, and approached this theme in a few ways:

      The Fog
      As a visual representation of the effects of Delirium, the flowing fog simply looks fantastic. It makes the world feel like it’s shifting, and obscures the ground just enough that you might not be sure if you just saw that giant, glaring eyeball emerging from the dirt or not.

      The Monsters
      Besides new monsters springing up while you travel through the fog, the monsters that were already there may behave… differently. And by ‘differently’, I mean they may tear themselves in half and have a terrifying entity emerge and attack you, before retreating back into the original monster’s body. Or maybe you just imagined it.

      The Rewards
      Path of Exile’s passive tree is notorious for its size and complexity. Several years ago we added jewels, allowing players to customize the passive tree. Delirium is adding new jewels that not only customize the tree, but add to it. Some of those jewels even let you add to the additions. And even those might be expandable… You might even say the choices are… maddening.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "Use Cluster Jewels to unlock new skill trees in POE: Delirium" geschrieben. 18.03.2020

      On March 13th, last Tuesday, well-known game developer Grinding Gear Games released a new extension of Path of Exile called Delirium, which is also the first new extension of POE in 2020. Since its launch, POE has been attracting more and more players through challenging dungeons and diverse skill systems. This expansion will further enhance the strength of wild monsters, and make players face greater challenges. Of course, players who complete these challenges can get better rewards, such as the new Cluster Jewels and other unique items, which will greatly improve your character.

      After the update is completed, players will randomly encounter the Mirror of Delirium in the wild area. This item will not take effect. If you have enough confidence to face a more difficult challenge, you can click on the mirror to interact with it. The Mirror of Delirium will shatter and produce a dense mist that spreads quickly around the end of the interaction. These dense fogs will not cause damage to your character, but will affect POE Orbs monsters on the map. New unique monsters will constantly appear in the fog, and monsters that originally existed on the map will become more powerful. In general, no matter if you release the Mirror of Delirium under any circumstances, you need to be well prepared to face unknown challenges, such as act bosses like the Brine King, and old expansion encounters like Ambush Strongboxes, Incursion , Breach, and Betrayal Encounters.

      But with the challenge comes a greater opportunity. If you want to get better items, even legendary items, then you better search for the Mirror of Delirium on the map. Because the stronger the monsters born in the dense fog, the better the loot they drop. Players can even master the method of making Delirium Orb in the final game. As long as you use the Orb on the map, you can 100% make the current area generate a new Mirror of Delirium to kill monsters and get better rewards. Path of Exile: Delirium new season is now live. If you want to get a good Buy POE Items start and save your time, you should buy some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your need of these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will find the NO.1 result is MMOAH official site, visit and buy everything you need in Path of Exile.

      A new type of item has been added to the new expansion, called Cluster Jewels, which has amazing features. Players can use Cluster Jewels to expand the character's skill tree. As long as these orbs are placed in the jewel slots on the edge of the passive skill tree, they will take effect immediately. With Jewel Clusters, players can create their own skill trees, and can even link some Jewel Clusters together. These Clusters are randomly generated, and they can come with a notable passive randomly selected from a pool of 280 new additions. Players can also re-roll the Clusters to fit their needs. Grinding Gear Games claims this is probably the biggest change to player builds since it added Ascendancy classes in 2016.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "Grinding Gear believes that POE 2 is enough to compare with Diablo 4" geschrieben. 16.03.2020

      At ExileCon not long ago, well-known game developer Grinding Gear Games announced related information about Path of Exile 2. Interestingly, Blizzard also announced at a recent BlizzCon that the new works of the Diablo series are already under development. As the world's two most famous ARPGs, there are always players to compare the two. For the game quality of POE 2, Chris Wilson, founder of Grinding Gear, showed enough confidence. He said at the game meeting that POE 2 is a standard next-generation ARPG, which is enough to Buy POE Orbs keep pace with Diablo 4, even if Blizzard More development budget.

      According to Wilson, Diablo's advantage is that its development team is strong enough. Blizzard is currently one of the world's largest and most well-funded studios, and their Diablo 2 has been recognized as the most classic ARPG on the PC platform. At the same time, Blizzard's studio has strong creativity, and each developer knows exactly what players want. Path of Exile: Delirium new season is now live. If you want to get a good start and save your time, you should buy some POE Currency and POE Items. I think MMOAH may meet your need of these resource. Google "POE Currency" and you will find the NO.1 result is MMOAH official site, visit and buy everything you need in Path of Exile.

      But Wilson believes that in some ways, the Path of Exile series has unique advantages. For example, POE 1 provides players with the best basic games, while POE 2 will use a unique method to connect with the content of POE 1. POE's development team can always provide more new content for players. Since the release of POE 1, the development team has always maintained a high update frequency, which is very rare in the game industry.

      "Any company with many different money will make really nice graphics etc. They have amazing graphics likewise and a great storyline etc," Wilson said of Blizzard and Diablo IV. "But that which you have here [with Path of Exile 2] is bringing across six or seven many years of content including each of the balance and ecosystem. If you make a brand new game, maybe it's bad? You don't know unless you play it. Whereas we understand Path of Exile is great, and then there are a lot of folks who like that."

      Path of Exile 2 and Diablo IV aren't about to square off in the POE Items near future, it appears, as both titles are usually a long time clear of release. Neither company is checking out a release date. Research company Cowen & Company said in their post-BlizzCon note to investors they are expecting Diablo IV to produce no before 2021.

      As for Path of Exile 2, Wilson gave a tiny hint on the release window when he explained the game may release with a point if your PS5 and then suddenly Xbox will be in the marketplace. Both next-generation consoles are due to file for in Holiday 2020, and Path of Exile 2 is predicted to be available for the kids (though not really at launch, needless to say). The first beta for Path of Exile 2 is scheduled to start in late 2020 in the soonest.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "Players are expected to welcome POE 2 by the end of 2020" geschrieben. 13.03.2020

      Well-known game developer Grinding Gear Games released Path of Exile in 2013. This game draws inspiration from Blizzard's ARPG Diablo series, and adds its own creativity and features, and modify and add many according to the needs of players Interesting features. The game quickly attracted a large number of active users around the world, and has logged on to the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Recently, a news related to POE has once again attracted the attention of global players, and that is the release of Path of Exile 2.

      Grinding Gears announced this in the last ExileCon, and they said that the first beta test of POE 2 will be officially open to players around the world by the end of 2020. Although there is no clear information on the specific hairstyle date of the game, this news is enough to excite all POE fans. At the same time, other players worry that as the development team focuses on the development process of POE 2, the game quality and after-sales service of POE may be affected. New season of POE is coming, to Buy POE Currency get a better begining, you should buy some cheap POE Currency and POE Items. I suggest you to buy safe and cheap POE Currency from MMOAH, their professinal team will deliver your POE Items as fast as they can!

      Regarding this issue, the developer stated that there is no need to worry, the POE Items development team is capable enough to continue to provide technical support for Path of Exile while developing POE 2. The person in charge said that the company would maintain the frequency of new expansions every three months. Not only that, all the updates of POE 2 will be kept in sync with POE, as the two games will be merged in the future. Path of Exile 2 is also expected to launch on consoles, including the PlayStation 5 and next-generation Xbox.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "WoW Honorbuddy: Famous in-game honor collector is coming back" geschrieben. 12.03.2020

      Honorbuddy says it's on the point of bring back it honor-farming service, and disputes Blizzard's state that it banned 100,000 players.

      The creators of HonorBuddy, a well known World of Warcraft bot that's recently detected by Blizzard, is about to bring the service back again.

      HonorBuddy allows players to Buy WOW Classic Gold accumulate honor in PvP without actually engaging anyone and needs no input through the player. The most important thing is that you should prepare a lot of WOW Classic Gold. If you think farming gold is boring, you can buy it from third party sites. I think MMOWTS will be your best choice, just visit and buy cheap WOW Classic Gold!

      "We has decided to release Honorbuddy again," staff member "Bossland" said in the post within the official Honorbuddy forum. "Again, we're going to give no guarantee so we have never given an assurance, the software is protected from detection or bans."

      Honorbuddy speculated the reason is client was detected via "malware-type hidden software," which scanned and located computers that have been running software that violated the World of Warcraft's terms of use.

      Bossland asserted they be prepared to bring Honorbuddy back at the end of the week, however it doesn't appear like they have quite yet.

      Honorbuddy also disputed Blizzard's state that over 100,000 World of Warcraft account were banned in the ban wave on May 13. "there never been a large number of active Honorbuddy users," the trainer told us.

      Outside of World of Warcraft, Blizzard is gathering pace to launch a fresh Classic WOW Gold MOBA called Heroes with the Storm, that's pitched like a competitive adventure in the same vein as League of Legends or DotA 2, but reported to be more approachable.

      It can also be working on a team-based shooter called Overwatch, so it has described to be a "pick-up-and-play" FPS. Find out more about the action in MMOAH's in-depth set of Overwatch's characters and gameplay.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "WoW players no longer need to buy Warlords of Draenor Expansion" geschrieben. 11.03.2020

      World of Warcraft's latest extension is called World of Warcraft: Legion, which is Blizzard's sixth expansion for the game since World of Warcraft was released. Whenever World of Warcraft releases major updates and new expansions, it will provide players with a lot of exciting new content and new gameplay, and many people are willing to pay for it in order to experience the new expansion in the first place. At this time, the previous expansion is often difficult to attract enough to these people. Blizzard's choice is to Buy WOW Classic Gold change the previous expansion to free content after the new expansion is released for a period of time.

      Recently, some players found that the previous expansion Warlords of Draenor disappeared when purchasing game products in the Battle.net store, and immediately consulted the cause of the situation in the official community of World of Warcraft. Blizzard customer support representative replied, saying that the extension is now completely free and does not need to be purchased in the store. Simply put, if you are a new user of World of Warcraft and have purchased the World of Warcraft basic games, you can directly experience the first five extensions of the game for free.

      Before the launch of the Legion extension, the official price of the Warlords of Draenor had been reduced to $ 10, and all players who purchased the extension could choose a character and directly upgrade it to level 90. Many players have feedback on the use of free extensions, but the content they report is contradictory, so it is not yet possible to determine whether the World of Warcraft basic games provide boost services. But it can be expected that there is a good chance that the World of Warcraft basic games will not include character boost, because we do not see any text related to the service on the World of Warcraft page of the Battle.net store. If you want to know the exact answer to this question, please continue to pay attention to MMOWTS, we will add content as soon as Blizzard clarifies.

      Warlords of Draenor released in 2014 and introduced high quality visuals and animations. It also allowed players to make bases that might house armories, workshops, and even more. Warlords of Draenor has revitalized World of Warcraft which has a huge amount of the latest content and refinement in the basic gameplay. Unlike the debacle from the New Game Enhancement of Star Wars Galaxies, Blizzard hasn't taken away anything with all the stat changes, but alternatively finally fixed the “stat inflation” that have built with each expansion. The most important thing is that you should prepare a lot of WOW Classic Gold. If you think farming gold is boring, you can buy it from third party sites. I think MMOWTS will be your best choice, just visit and buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold!

      The Draenor expansion becoming free is at part to organize for World of Warcraft's next expansion, Legion. It releases August 30 and introduces the Demon Hunter class, increases the level cap to 110, and features new dungeons and raids. It also incorporates a character boost to level 100.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "Players are expected to get POE's Xbox One version in 2017" geschrieben. 10.03.2020

      Recently, Grinding Gear Games, the developer of Path of Exile, announced a major news that excites all players. They claim on the official website that this popular ARPG is coming to the Xbox One platform. As a free game, POE does very well in all aspects. The development team was inspired by Blizzard's Diablo series, and added some original mechanics and gameplay, such as skill gems, complex passive POE Items skill trees, and so on. This interesting combination quickly attracted a large number of loyal players. In the eyes of these people, POE is obviously more capable of showing the essence of ARPG than Diablo III.

      But Path of Exile has a better future. The game was first released in 2013 and won the annual PC Game Award of the year. It has been running smoothly for many years, but during this time only PC players can enjoy the fun brought by POE. The developer Grinding Gear Games obviously did not expect that POE would be like this. It's popular, so they didn't consider providing services for Xbox One and PS4 platform players until more and more users in the official community of POE stated that they need the Xbox One version and POE version of POE.

      They quickly set their sights on the Xbox One. The development team put a lot of effort into it and achieved satisfactory results. Players will soon be able to Buy POE Currency play POE on the Xbox One. It's worth noting that the Xbox One version of POE uses a separate server, which means you can't use the characters you created on your PC on the Xbox One. Grinding Gear explained this. The main reason for this is that there are some differences in gameplay between the two versions, such as the number of Flask slots and how some skills are targeted. However, both will be on the game content and development progress. Keep in sync, POE players using XBox One can directly access all the extensions that have been released for the PC version. New season of POE is coming, to get a better begining, you should buy some cheap POE Currency and POE Items. I suggest you to buy safe and cheap POE Currency from MMOAH, their professinal team will deliver your POE Items as fast as they can!

      Path of Exile is also free in the Xbox One Store. Players can directly download and enjoy the joy brought by POE without paying any fees. This is also the main reason why POE is welcomed by a large number of players. Of course, if you want to pay for Grinding Gear, you can buy some skin and cosmetics in the game.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "The available Demon Hunter draws me back to World of Warcraft" geschrieben. 09.03.2020

      World of Warcraft is an old-fashioned MMORPG that has been running for 15 years. As one of the most successful games in the world, WoW has millions of loyal users around the world. They are willing to pay a monthly subscription to freely take risks in this fantasy world, and most of them have been fans of World of Warcraft since 2005. But for me, the situation is different. I first learned about World of Warcraft in 2007, when Blizzard released the first expansion of World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade. I noticed a very special Cheap WOW Classic Gold character in the promo: Illidan Stormrage, he is a demon hunter. Unlike most of the well-known characters in World of Warcraft, Illidan Stormrage is an antihero.

      Since I was impressed by Illidan Stormrage, I have always regarded The Burning Crusade as the best expansion of World of Warcraft. For more than a decade, I have often restarted World of Warcraft some time after the release of new expensions. I hope that a new development will allow me to re-examine the joy and enjoyment I have gained in The Burning Crusade, but many of the developments have been disappointing. It wasn't until the Legion expansion was released that I realized that this might be an opportunity for me to return to MMORPG as the Demon Hunter became a usable character.

      Interestingly, both the Horde and Alliance factions can choose the Demon Hunter when creating characters, which is very different from what I imagined. I never thought of anti-hero characters in the Alliance, in fact, they were night elves. Unlike its original role, this class is very mobile. In order to reproduce the performance of Illidan Stormrage in the trailer as much as possible in the game, the designer gave the demon hunter the ability to glide. At the same time, they can double-jump. These two abilities can effectively reduce the devil hunter's exposure when falling s damage.

      This mobility can give Demon Hunter some advantages early in the game. When completing some specific quests, the player can control the character to use double-jump or glide to go directly to some high-level ledges or platforms, thereby saving a lot of time to kill the quest target. The most important thing is that you should prepare a lot of WOW Classic Gold. If you think farming gold is boring, you can buy it from third party sites. I think MMOWTS will be your best choice, just visit and buy cheap WOW Classic Gold!

      However, jumping and gliding aren’t the one movement-centric tools from the Demon Hunter's arsenal. The class also allows greater agility in combat--dashing to manage damage to all things in your path with Fel Rush or executing an instant backward leap to protect yourself from timed enemy attacks using Vengeful Retreat. I could use Metamorphosis metamorph into a hulking Demon, after a leap high into your air before slamming in the ground and stunning enemies nearby. My Demon Hunter was rarely stationary in combat, and it also certainly Buy WOW Classic Gold made fights feel more kinetic.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "In world of Warcraft: Legion you can play Demon Hunter" geschrieben. 07.03.2020

      World of Warcraft's Legion expansion, the PC MMO's sixth rolling around in its decade-plus of operation, will launch on August 30, Blizzard announced today.

      Legion was announced at MMOAH 2015. The expansion enhances the level cap to 110 and introduces a brand new class referred to as the Demon Hunter. Legion also adds many new World of Warcraft Classic Gold content including a fresh continent titled The Broken Isles, new customizable artifact weapons, and new dungeons and raids. In addition, the development revamps the PvP progression system, among other things.

      "Legion opens a dark and thrilling new chapter at a Warcraft series' greatest conflicts, and things are not the same for many of Azeroth's most iconic heroes and villains," Blizzard CEO and co-founder Mike Morhaime said in the statement. "This expansion is packed with features and content that provides players completely ways to explore the globe and customize their heroes. We're looking towards sending everyone into battle contrary to the Burning Legion this August."

      A Standard Edition of Legion will likely be available for $50, while a Digital Deluxe version are available for $70. This premium bundle also is sold with content for other Blizzard games, including Heroes with the Storm, Diablo III, and StarCraft II. Both versions are offered physically and digitally. The most important thing is that you should prepare a lot of WOW Classic Gold. If you think farming gold is boring, you can buy it from third party sites. I think MMOWTS will be your best choice, just visit and buy cheap WOW Classic Gold For Sale!

      There may also be a retail-only Collector's Edition that costs $90 and is included with a hardcover art book, behind-the-scenes two-disc Blu-ray/DVD set, CD soundtrack, and also a Legion mousepad, plus the digital items on the Digital Deluxe edition.

      If you pre-purchase searching for copy of Legion, either the Standard or Digital Deluxe edition, you'll receive an instant character boost to level 100. Pre-buying also provides early entry to the Demon Hunter class.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "POE's 2020 expansion: Delirium is extremely playable and repeatable" geschrieben. 06.03.2020

      For those keen on ARPGs like Diablo III, this may be the first good news they've heard in the new year. The developer of Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games, announced that the studio will release the first extension of POE in 2020 on March 13. PC players can complete the update and enter the game experience new content as soon as possible, while the PS4 and Xbox One platforms Players will only receive notification of updates after March 16.

      As a free ARPG, every new development of POE can always surprise players, which is why POE has been regarded as the most successful ARPG by players around the world in the past few years. The development team knows what players want most, and their job is to turn what these players expect into reality and add it to the game.

      Overall, the main purpose of this update is to provide even more dangerous challenges for high-level players. After the update is complete, a new item called Delirium Mirror will appear in a random area on the map. In fact, this is a secret entrance, and any player who enters the entrance will get Delirium status. Afterwards, a thick fog will spread around the map with the Delirium Mirror as the center. You will find some unknown creatures on the map that are different from ordinary monsters. They are the deepest fear of your character. In this way, the system can create challenging game scenarios for players. If you Buy POE Orbs are a beginner of POE, don't worry, the difficulty of the game in this mode will be dynamically adjusted according to the character's combat effectiveness.

      The monsters that show up in Delirium spawn their very own demons which might be extra powerful, as the regular monsters get buffs that produce them even deadlier. Additionally, the impact of the delirium affect every encounter, including bosses, so players should expect a much bigger challenge. New season of POE is coming, to get a better begining, you should buy some cheap POE Currency and POE Items. I suggest you to buy safe and cheap POE Currency from MMOAH, their professinal POE Items team will deliver your POE Items as fast as they can!

      One with the major draws on the Delirium expansion is that it makes Path of Exile more replayable laptop or computer already was. The delirium effects also map to every one previous League content, in order to re-visit encounters from the new, more difficult perspective.

      Another major change visiting Path of Exile together with the new update could be the new "cluster jewels" that may be found in the Delirium league. These jewels may be placed on sockets of the skill tree to make additional passive skill groups that could each contain more sockets. According to Grinding Gear founder Chris Wilson, this may be the biggest switch to the level of control and customization you've got over your character since Ascendancy classes were incorporated 2016.

    • helodieaodns hat den Blog-Artikel "To make WoW friendly to newcomers, Blizzard put a lot of effort" geschrieben. 05.03.2020

      Blizzard has ceased operations to announce how many active subscribers every year since 2015. It can be seen that in the present highly developed video gaming industry, World of Warcraft isn't as popular as before, because players convey more and better choices. In order to keep the sport alive, Blizzard's team needs to make corresponding changes, and it's also essential to meet the needs of players.

      Part of sustaining the overall game also means welcoming in players who may have either lapsed for years, and even ones who may have never played World of Warcraft before. With so much to perform WOW Classic Gold after many years, Rise of Azshara efforts to make the on-ramp smoother previously and to allow players to trap up with their friends who's already invested many hours into the action.

      Essences are probably the deeper customization systems being included Rise of Azshara. The game also adds punchcards with colored sockets similar to gems. It all includes a feeling of familiarity for long-term players, and this comes from planning to introduce more flexibility. The most important thing is that you should prepare a lot of WOW Classic Gold. If you think farming gold is boring, you can buy it from third party sites. I think MMOWTS will be your best choice, just visit and buy cheap WOW Classic Gold!

      Other new additions are quality-of-life adjustments. Mount abilities, one example is, permit you to equip your mount for some other special attributes which they don't have automatically. The specific example Blizzard cited was the Water Strider, that has the water-walking ability. With the new mount system, you'll be able to equip that ability on any mount. The studio was very frank with this as a a reaction to a piece of player frustration, nevertheless it took a broader approach versus the feedback necessarily required.

      In relation to its both mechanics and lore, the group doesn't show any symbol of slowing. World of Warcraft is often a hodgepodge of fantasy tropes and heroic conquest, which flexibility gives the c's lots of room to understand more about. The Battle for Azeroth is deadly serious, but including the Rise of Azshara expansion shows the duality around the globe. Azshara's lair is dark and foreboding, as the lost capital of Cheap WOW Classic Gold scotland - Mechagon is normally goofy and light-hearted. Blizzard feels this is actually the strength of that world.

      Rise of Azshara is scheduled to push out a this summer. For those who choose to retro experience, Blizzard also announced World of Warcraft Classic will launch on August 27, using a beta scheduled soon and stress tests through the summer. Read our interview while using project leads on bringing WoW Classic back to normal, and look for the neat 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition releasing in October.



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