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      How the Breitling Super Ocean ends on the wrist of Kelly Slater At the Breitling fake watches CEO Full Speed ??is now running, carrying unfettered momentum behind his many personal projects for each of the brands - many of them,Urwerk 202 watches price, like the concept launched last week's summit has now become a hit single and is no longer in infancy. One such project is to build a friendship and brand partnership with the prolific surf star Kelly Slater, which is now the second watch in the Breitling x Outerknown Superocean watch collection, inspired by the design of the watch. Wright. For those who keep scores at home, Slater has won 11 World Surfing Championships like never before, and founded a clothing company called Outerknown, trying to destroy what we know about sustainable fashion, and with a special USC scientists engaged in geophysical research have established a wave pool fluid dynamics. Right here, at the edge of the swimming pool I was standing on, when Slater was towed to its northern end, he loosely chined his chin. The distant rumble came, and the rumble in the distance formed a perfect six-foot-high bulge that rose from the glassy surface of the water and changed from the dusty land to what Tolkien could have expressed. magic. Its speed and fluency are astonishing, just like the effects of crossing the mysterious valley, making it impossible for viewers to distinguish fictional things from reality.

      Like that, Slater has stood up - he swoops toward the curved lips, then bounces back and shoots a jet of arcs into the sky. He will do it again. Then again. After another 45 seconds, his ride was over because he exploded from a wave-shaped bucket 20 yards from the coast.replica swiss watches , There is no doubt that any surfer can have a singular journey that will last a lifetime. However, until the end, it repeats, running every few minutes in the opposite direction of the pool for the rest of the day. It's easy to see why it's called a "smile machine" because everyone coming out of the pool is smiling.

      It needs to be clear that this is a far cry from the ordinary wave pool. It started as a top-secret project, disguised as a tilapia hatchery in the middle of a water-scarred farm in Central California, with the ultimate goal of producing an objective perfect bucket that can be repeatedly riding. Before December 2015, it was equivalent to surfing the moon in the world, and it was the last truly undiscovered area of ??the sport. In this world, the long-distance rest of every corner is more or less Explore, tame and record on Surfline. But Kelly Slater did not pursue another world championship. He wants to shoot on the moon. Therefore, he and his friends built it with cutting-edge science and engineering technology for ten years and produced the longest, rideable open bucket artificial water wave on the planet. The first video about him running around four years ago, the world's surfers collectively lost their senses.

      As far as its value is concerned, I am not a real surfer, but I don't have to be a professional plumber to watch Slater's waves and be fascinated by its shape, speed and amazing consistency - these elements fly in front of a generally accepted reality. The ocean is immutable. In fact, unpredictability is the reason why surfing is a unique challenge (also satisfactory), in which each ride is different because each wave is different. In addition to this wave, every wave. The waves are driven by a plough wedge submerged in the plough along a small path on the side of the pool. Its force is perfectly matched to the barrel and looks as endless as powerful. But this is also foreseeable - that's why it is completely different from the chaos in the real world and the endgames that many of the world's surfers dream of.Hublot MP-09 TOURBILLON BI-AXIS 909.QD.1120.RX.replica luxury watches

      This wave also represents Slater's ambition, and there seems to be no boundaries. He founded the easy-going clothing brand Outerknown, which represents a similar ambition. The ultimate goal is to create a clothing collection to celebrate the surf culture while at the same time destroying a one-time “fast fashion” world by demonstrating that sustainable development can both make money and profit. . These are Georges Kern's creeds about the future of Breitling. His goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in the next three years through measures already taken, such as reducing unnecessary watch packaging (he publicly admits hate) and combining More sustainable elements, such as recycled nylon straps installed in Outerknown watches.

      Georges Kern knows that Breitling can't change the world alone. But he knows that Breitling, like Outerknown, is a powerful platform that, through joint efforts, can reach out and educate new audiences about pressing issues, such as our current ocean dilemma. The ambitions of Kern and Slater intersect here, making us the second watch of the Breitling x Outerknown collaboration, the first to be released shortly after the start of Kern's term last year. Only twice the information conveyed by the Super Marine Heritage Chronograph. At the heart of every Outerknown watch is a strap woven from Econyl's Breitling – a recycled nylon thread spun from a recyclable ghost net. It is estimated that more than 500,000 tons are discarded on the ocean floor.Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti

      Kelly Slater is just the greatest surfer in the world, but he is a simple person. He described the birth of an alien as: After waking up one day, he was obsessed with what was on him and suddenly became obsessed with what he was. Bremont ALT1-C replica watches,After four years of rapid development, led by CEO Mark Walker, his young brand is already a leader in sustainable manufacturing, and has established successful partnerships with major global brands such as Levi's and Vejas. Help others in the Kaiyun Group to consult and promote similar goals in terms of sustainability. In addition to the recyclable nylon strap, Slater's design instructions for the Superocean are also short: make it smaller, lighter and more environmentally friendly ("Kelly Green,

      The belt is colorful, supple, and most importantly, it is as comfortable as any NATor I have ever tried to offer from any third party or OEM manufacturer. At this year's Summit Summit, Breitling confirmed that its gaze is no longer limited to Outerknown watches, but rather a lot of new colors and styles to get involved in the belt game, each color matching the existing dial of Superocean and the new Avenger series. . However, the strap is only the beginning, Cohen believes that the release of these watches is a stepping stone, which can promote the brand and its suppliers to achieve a higher level of sustainability on a global scale.http://www.bagsbagu.com

      Breitling performed the command in a three-handed super-marine rendered by Kelly Green, but contrary to the usual tones used in the Boston Celtics or St. Patrick's Day, Slater's green is a matte olive monotone. With matching ceramic bezel. The earthy and earthy appearance still maintains the high level of exquisiteness expected by the Breitling case and dial, while at the same time making the style or environmentally friendly watch fans feel the home. Used in conjunction with other Arab dial Superocean watches updated last year, the new Outerknown x Breitling version is a fully modern 44mm stainless steel case that is water resistant to 1000m and has an automatic release valve clock at 9 o'. Contrary to the previous Schneider era's Breitling divers,

      Regarding the Breitling x Outerknown watches, my favorite thing is not the fact that they are made by the biggest surfer of this generation or any other generation of products, nor are these watches with ecologically-friendly straps, but Visionary represents a small part of a greater degree of readjustment that respects the meaning of the Earth while becoming a for-profit luxury brand in the 21st century.Breitling Premier replica watches, Sustainability used to be a trend, but there are no other trends – it is mandatory regardless of market segmentation; brands that do not share plans publicly should be considered part of the problem, not the solution.https://www.chronosale.co



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